Kathryn Black, PhD

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Psychotherapy Orientation

My practice rests in an understanding of authentic connection as the core of psychological wellbeing and in the understanding that psychological suffering results from being cut off from authentic connection.

The foundations of my practice are in psychodynamic theory and attachment theory.

Psychodynamic Theory
Psychodynamic theory leads clinicians to approach treatment and diagnosis thinking about internal unconscious conflict and assumptions about relationships learned in early childhood.

Attachment Theory
Attachment theory is one of the broadest, most profound, and most creative lines of research in contemporary psychology. Within the fields of social and emotional development, attachment theory is both highly visible and empirically grounded.

The attachment system in humans is thought to have a biological function to protect individuals, especially infants, from danger by maintaining proximity to caring others. We now know that the attachment system extends throughout life. We never out grow our need for connection, and when that need is fulfilled an individual is free to strive toward self actualization.

The adult intimate relationship provides an excellent opportunity for healing old attachment injuries and for satisfying the basic human desire for love and connection.



We all have a story of who we are and where we are in our lives. If you’re at a difficult juncture right now, it may be that something is challenging your concept of yourself and your ability to move forward into the future.

Integral to my aims and interests as a therapist is helping you understand your current narrative and, if necessary, helping you come to a new way of looking at your past, present, and future. This will allow you to participate in life and relationships in a way that is far more satisfying.

Underlying my work with couples is my understanding that we all want to be loved for who we are. Healthy and satisfying relationships meet these yearnings to be seen, understood, acknowledged, and valued for one’s self.

I work with you first to develop strategies for easing immediate conflicts, which might be about such issues as money, sex, communication, and/or children. I then help you repair ruptures in your relationship and forge new connections, new rituals of nurturing, and new positive interactions.

Family life in all its forms and stages can be challenging.

I work with you to find practical ways to cope with the immediate issues causing conflict and to allow each individual in your family to voice his or her concerns.

We then work toward repairing ruptures in the relationships and toward ensuring that the needs of each family member can be identified, honored, and addressed in ways appropriate to his or her age and stage of development.

One of my particular interests is helping men and women to become more effective parents and to gain more pleasure and satisfaction in all their family relationships.